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Teacher of Visually Impaired--Contracted


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Our district is in need of a teacher of the visually impaired on a contracted basis.  We are agreeable to paying mileage, and we would also be willing to contract for teletherapy for our two students with vision needs.  In our district, we have one student who is visually impaired (blind) who also receives orientation and mobility services through another contracted service provider.  In addition, we have a second student with low vision who needs services on a monitoring/consult basis.

E_mail: [email protected]

Phone: 573-545-3541

Cert: Any Certification

Our district previously contracted with Steven Nation for TVI services.  When Mr. Nation left the area in the spring of 2023, one of our special education teachers agreed to return to college for the coursework required for the TVI certification.  Last week, she informed us that she would be unable to complete the program due to time constraints.  Thus, we are in desperate need of a contracted service provider to meet our students' needs.