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The Orientation and Mobility Specialist assigned to students with visual impairments is primarily responsible for providing itinerant and site-based instruction to students K-12 with visual disabilities (who may have other disabilities) by executing the previously mentioned essential duties and responsibilities as well as the following: travel to the students' assigned schools and/or home and will be prepared to provide direct and/or consultative special education services relating to the vision loss to an array of students including students with no vision, low vision and/or multiple impairments and students with cognitive levels that range from severely impaired to gifted and talented; will assist students with visual impairments to achieve maximum independence through instruction in safe, efficient travel within the home, school, and community and in familiar and unfamiliar environments; will provide instruction in compensatory skills including daily living skills, self-advocacy, and recreation or leisure skills as related to orientation and mobility and self-determination; will prepare sequential and meaningful instruction geared to the student’s assessed needs, IEP goals and objectives, functioning level, and motivation level; will be responsible for the student’s safety during O&M instruction and in other environments while fostering maximum independence during O&M lessons; will prepare and use equipment and materials, such as tactile maps, models, optical devices, pre-canes, GPS devices, and long canes for the development of O&M skills; will provide orientation of new buildings and new class schedules to students with visual impairments as needed, including those community settings where students receive instruction. Community-based instruction is assumed and is a critical component of the orientation and mobility program.

E_mail: [email protected]

Phone: 209-403-3034

Cert: COMS

WCSD has an open itinerant Orientation and Mobility Specialist position!! The position is O&M only currently but could easily be converted into TSVI/O&M if you are dual certified and interested!

Reno is high desert, all four mild seasons. We have beautiful mountains, evergreens, and Reno is close to Lake Tahoe with tons of outdoor activities. The city is moderate size and Reno is a community with many clubs, events, and fun things to do. 

We have 8 other certified staff members, a department secretary, a department teacher assistant who helps support us and make materials for students, a braille transcriber, and a very supportive administrator! Please call Trisha Lozano 209-403-3034 if you're interested or have questions.