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AIS is looking for ACVREP CATIS or AT Specialist with training in low vision and blindness access and at least 2 years of school experience to conduct Assistive Technology Assessments and provide assistive technology services for students with vision impairments and blindness. 

The Assistive Technology Specialist functions as a member on a student’s educational team to provide comprehensive assessment of Assistive Technology needs in pre-school and school age children. The AT Specialists assists in the development of IEPs and implementation of Assistive Technology Services. The candidate must possess a working knowledge of assessment and instructional practices, evidence-based research, recommended best practices, technologies available for low- and high-tech AT, and expected roles and responsibilities of an AT specialist within a school environment.


  • School based work-related experience in assistive technology.
  • Hold a valid, current CATIS certification from ACVREP or commensurate experience/training.
  • The candidate must have a working knowledge of braille. 


The successful candidate will have:


  • Considerable knowledge of special education regulations, policies, and procedures 
  • Experience conducting AT assessments and writing AT reports and recommendations specific to students visual impairments 
  • Experience providing professional development to teachers and service providers relating to educational Assistive Technology
  • Excellent human relations, interpersonal communications, conflict resolution, organizational and planning skills are required.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Federal and State mandates and requirements as related to the provision assistive technology supports and services
  • Comprehensive knowledge of characteristics of individuals with a variety of disabilities
  • The ability to recognize and respond to individual student differences, including additional or secondary disability categories
  • The ability to work in a collaborative and cooperative manner with parents, co-workers, school staff and service providers
  • Experience with WindowsOS and related software applications and accessibility settings, including JAWS, NVDA, and Narrator
  • Experience with ChromeOS and related accessibility Settings
  • Experiences with iOS, iPadOS, MacOS and related accessibility settings


E_mail: [email protected]

Phone: 15409081391